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For over 45 years,professionally, and since her childhood, Valery was enthralled with the idea of dressing things and art colors. She first remembers dressing her bedposts with ribbons and fabric scraps from her mother’s sewing chest. Then she moved on to the cat

Her love and passion for art combine artistic talent with practicality of everyday living and environments. Valery majored in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute where she learned the high ideals in the union of art and function.

Today she artistically designs, hand paints and custom seamstresses a wearable highly functional one of a kind art garment. These pieces can be hung on the wall as well and used to enhance and accentuate most any outfit.

A few years ago, Valery became fascinated, as did most of the art loving population, with the brilliance of glass. She searched ways to incorporate stones and buffered glass pieces into clothing and came up with the see-through effect seen in my scarves, purses and shawls. She later took up welding in order to make the frames for table and hanging lamps.

When Valery was a child she remembers spending hours collecting shells and beach glass.  Her mom would ask, "Do we really need to bring all this home?"  Valery, of course, was adamant in taking home her treasures and always said "yes."    She has nice memories of going to beach with her mom, stopping to collect shells from coast to coast, the southern coasts of Florida, to San Francisco and Provincetown Massachusettes.  Valery fondly remembers, and thinks, "
Yes, Mom, some day I'm gonna need these."    Today, Valery incorporates the beach glass and shells in many of her artistic endeavors,

Art enhances the beauty of life and moods and joy.  With Guignon Designs, you can take a piece of her artistic vision home and enhance the colorful scope your life, first with a collection of delightful, wearable art pieces in your closet or items adorning your walls, bookshelves or table tops....

by the artist Valery Guignon


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Valery Guignon custom hand-dyes natural fibers of silks, rayons, cotton and fabric blends in a wide range of patterns and colors.  The fabric is then hand-taylored and sewn by a private seamstress designer in varying sizes from XL, L, M and S.

Her inspirations come from the colors spectrum of nature, including the varied color veins of turquios, agates and crystals, as well as burnt orange, shades of green and sunset and woodsy blends.  The flowing designs make the garments not only comfy, but trendy and one of a kind artistic pieces.

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Valery Guignon, Designer


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